A modern, beautifully appointed all-in-one kosher food market located in Borough Park’s famed 13th Avenue shopping district,  Gourmet Glatt Market opened in 2013 with the promise of offering neighborhood consumers incredible selection, great quality, and, best of all,  affordable prices. That the store today attracts devoted customers not only from Brooklyn but from throughout the Tri-State area speaks volumes about how well that promise has been fulfilled.

The store boasts a huge, brightly lit fresh produce section; an incredibly well-stocked and well-priced meat and poultry department; a grocery department that offers an unparalleled selection of basic and hard-to-find products; and a deli department that has quickly earned a reputation for first-class everyday and Shabbos cuisine.  Fresh fish, appetizing, bakery products, and sushi are available at the store’s highly regarded concessions — Ossie’s Famous Fish, Schwartz’s Appetizing, Steinberg’s Bakery and Simply Sushi, respectively.

The Gourmet Glatt shopping experience is enhanced by wide, immaculately clean aisles, efficient and courteous service and delicious complimentary coffee.

Gourmet Glatt offers home delivery and free valet parking.  A sister store to Gourmet Glatt Emporium  in Cedarhurst,  Gourmet Glatt Market is under the full-time hashgacha of the Tartikov Beis Din (Rabbi Teitelbaum).