When your family has been selling kosher appetizing for more than 35 years, you’re bound to know a thing or two about changing trends in the business.

“It’s not just about lox and herring anymore,” says Lemel Schwartz, the proprietor of Gourmet Glatt’s appetizing concession.

Schwartz’s prepared foods menu includes a broad assortment of vegetable kugels, muffins and soufflés; salmon, tuna and vegetable cutlets; rice, potato, sweet potato and quinoa side dishes; a variety of grilled and baked fish; soups; salads and much more. The pre-packaged line includes a staggering array of herrings and dips (approximately 25 different types of each at last count!) and marinated salads.

Mr. Schwartz notes that almost every item in their prepared main dishes and sides is roasted or grilled—almost nothing is fried.

And more good news?  Since everything is parave, there’s always a place for Schwartz’s delicious food on your lunch or dinner menu.