What’s the secret behind the astounding freshness, taste and texture of sushi from Simply Sushi? The answer is … well … simple. It’s the ingredients!

“We spend a lot of time searching for the finest ingredients on the market,” explains Simply Sushi’s Chaim Goldman.  In fact, he says, since many of the ingredients used by Simply Sushi are not even available to the general kosher market, the company frequently does its own kosher runs.

Creativity is yet another factor that distinguishes the award-winning company from other sushi vendors. Every few months, Simply Sushi’s top chefs get together and spend a day creating unusual new rolls.  The incredibly popular sushi poppers that the team dreamed up several years ago have actually been copied and are now included on the menus of hundreds of kosher sushi bars.

Whether you’re ordering a single roll or a beautifully prepared simcha platter, you can count on Simply Sushi to deliver the highest quality, best tasting product on the market.