While kugel and cholent may be among its most popular dishes – one taste and you’ll know why! — Chap-A-Nosh, is not just about Shabbos take-out.

Thirty years of experience in the prepared foods business has earned Chap-A-Nosh a reputation for first-class cuisine.  With a wide and delectable selection of heimish and gourmet entrees, soups, salads, and sides, Chap-A-Nosh has a dish for every occasion and every palate.

And as for the aforementioned Shabbos food, Chap-A-Nosh has that covered and then some. The deli’s traditional fare – from gefilte fish to chicken soup to … yes … cholent and a remarkable variety of kugels and so much more – draws legions of loyal customers to the store every Thursday and Friday.

“Everything in our showcase is prepared fresh every day in our kitchen right here at Gourmet Glatt,” says Chap-A-Nosh’s Avi Krasnow. “So our customers not only get the largest selection in town, they get the freshest.”

Chap-A-Nosh’s fabulous dairy line, which includes soups, salads, pastas, blintzes and incredibly cheesy pizza pies — is also prepared on-premises in a separate dairy kitchen.

So whether you’re craving meat or dairy,  delicious dishes  await at Chap-A-Nosh.